See, Snap, Story with Aik Beng Chia

16 Oct 2022

Take better photo stories with your smartphone. Learn practical tips and executive creative ideas on the ground. Prerequisite: Bring your…

Imprint with Cyanotype

09 Oct 2022

Express your creativity and create brilliant cyan prints with sunlight through a camera-less chemical process. Prerequisite: Bring used newspapers.

Space within City

22 Oct 2022

A walking tour around Selegie Road and Peace Centre with an architect and photographer Shyue Woon.

A Copy for the Future

29 Oct 2022

Craft your keepsake image for the future with analogue black & white photographs printed through a photogram process. Prerequisite: Bring…

Weekend Activity

An afternoon foray into the creative processes of image-making. Tap into your creativity and create visual stories with light, paper,…