Photobook Makers’ Weekend
with Independent Publishers

24 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

The Photobook Makers’ Weekend is a two-day gathering of independent publishers from different cities, with a focus on exchanging knowledge,…

The Ecosystem of Publishing:
Chose Commune x Witty Books

24 Sep 2022 — 24 Sep 2022

The permutations in making a photobook are countless, varying from artist to publisher, designer to print house, editing to sequencing,…

Books As Micro-spaces For Research with K. Verlag

24 Sep 2022 — 24 Sep 2022

How do we build a synthetic editorial-design process that insists on the mutuality of content and form, allowing us to…

Independence in Publishing:
RVB Books x Skinnerboox

24 Sep 2022 — 24 Sep 2022

Why is independence important in publishing? What does it take to stay independent? Project Manager of RVB Books, Miléna Chevillard,…

Publishing as Practice:
Perimeter Books x Temporary Press

24 Sep 2022 — 24 Sep 2022

Perimeter Books from Melbourne and Temporary Press from Singapore are separated by continents, yet connected by multiple commonalities — they…

References from Korea
with Kim Jeong Eun

25 Sep 2022 — 25 Aug 2022

References offer a direction for attention, and particularly in the context of books, they give recognition to existing titles that…

Developing Photobooks
with Reminders Photography Stronghold

25 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

Four Japanese artists — Kazuhiko Matsumura, Kenji Chiga, Shu Watanabe and Yoshikatsu Fujii — each present their photobook developed together…

A Different Reading

25 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

A Different Reading is a project by THEBOOKSHOW that attempts to open up new dialogues and synergies between 5 artists…

Personal Stories in Indonesian Photobooks
with Caron Toshiko and Andi Ari Setiadi

25 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

Storytelling is a means through which we make sense of the world. Co-founders of Gueari Galeri, Caron Toshiko and Andi…

Contemporary Photography in Taiwan Through The Lens of DEAI

25 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

A non-profit photography library in Taipei open to public for free, Lightbox is committed to preserving, disseminating and advancing Taiwanese…