The Festival is pleased to announce the results for 8th SIPF Open Call Portfolio. Out of 445 submissions, 22 artists from 15 countries are selected to showcase their photographic works in this edition.

Alfonso de Gregorio (Italy)
Beichen Zhang 张北辰 (China)
Ellen Carey (United States)
Haneul Lee 이하늘 (South Korea)
Liam Webb (United Kingdom)
Lisandro Suriel (Sint Maarten)
Liza Ambrossio (Mexico)
Makoto Oono 大野真人 (Japan)
Matjaž Tančič (Slovenia)
Matthew Cronin (United States)
Min Ma Naing (Myanmar)
Miti Ruangkritya (Thailand)
Putu Sayoga (Indonesia)
Sebastian Mary Tay (Singapore)
Seok-Woo Song 송 석 우 (South Korea)
Sheung Yiu 姚尚勤 (Hong Kong)
Shi Chenbai 史晨白 (China)
Soushi Tanaka 田中 崇嗣 (Japan)
South Ho Siu Nam 何兆南 (Hong Kong)
Stéphan Gladieu (France)
Tim Franco (France)
Toni Cuhadi (Indonesia)


8th SIPF Open Call Portfolio submissions
are reviewed and selected by the Portfolio Jury.

Natasha Egan

Curator and Executive Director of
Museum of Contemporary Photography

Yasufumi Nakamori

Senior Curator, International Art
(Photography) at Tate Modern

Mirjam Kooiman

Curator at Foam Photography Museum

He Yining

Independent Curator and Researcher

John Tung

Independent Curator

Gwen Lee

Founder and Artistic Director of
Singapore International Photography Festival and DECK

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