The Festival is pleased to announce the results for 8th SIPF Open Call Photobook. Out of 136 submissions, 30 photobooks are selected for this edition.

A Visitor’s Book by Philippe Calia
Cornucopia by Jens Masmann
Eat A Chili《吃辣椒》by Wei Weng 翁唯
Elusive Rainbow by Kazuhiko Matsumura 松村 和彦
Empty Forest by Nanouk Prins
Ground Truth by Sheung Yiu 姚尚勤
Hayal & Hakikat: A Handbook of Forgiveness & A Handbook of Punishment by Cemre Yeşil Gönenli
Hijack Geni by Kenji Chiga 千賀 健史
Hiroshima Graph – Everlasting Flow by Yoshikatsu Fujii 藤井ヨシカツ
How to Raise a Hand by Angelo Vignali
How to store your stuff in nature by Pionara
How to Look Natural in Photos by Beata Bartecka and Łukasz Rusznica
Instagrampier by Pierfrancesco Celada
Laws of the Haystack by Emile Gostelie
Materiality of Grief by Cheryl Yip
Polder VIII by Raimond Wouda         
Quatre Mains / Zonder Handen by Stephanie Lamoline
Room no.2 by Miti Ruangkritya
SOMMERSPIELE (Summer Games) by Uta Genilke
The Ditch by Emanuel Cederqvist
The Good Place by Kanrapee Chokpaiboon
THE LAST SUMMIT by Shu Watanabe 渡部周
The Quarantine Report by Krerkburin Kerngburi
The Quickening by Ying Ang
The Verdict: The Christina Boyer Case by Jan Banning
Two Thousand Words by Roberto Aguirrezabala
Undo Motherhood by Diana Karklin
Utaki by Ricardo Tokugawa
We are Made of Grass, Soil, Trees, and Flowers by Ayaka Yamamoto 山元彩香
We Were Farmers by Ore Huiying

8th SIPF Open Call Photobook submissions
are reviewed and selected by the Photobook Jury.

Ang Song Nian


Renée Ting

Director of Singapore Art Book Fair

Ruben Lundgren

Artist and Curator

Jeong Eun Kim

Founder and Director of The Reference Seoul

Yumi Goto

Co-founder and Curator of
Reminders Photography Stronghold Tokyo

Daniel Boetker-Smith

Founder and Director of
Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

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