This year’s Open Call theme, Departing and Arriving seeks to connect to the heart of Singapore as a young nation with diverse religions, beliefs and languages that are constantly evolving as a cosmopolitan city. From a global perspective, Departing and Arriving points to ongoing human movement, of which there may be commonalities between the experiences and encounters of different societies around the world. Through personal narratives, it embraces the characteristics of the artistic journey – where an idea or vision can expand into a myriad of possibilities expressed through installation and multimedia works.

Earlier in the year, SIPF sought out creative responses from around the world in an Open Call based on the theme – Departing and Arriving. Together with an esteemed jury member team, 31 photography projects were hand-picked. Some of these selected works are in the SIPF Open Call 2020 Finalist Showcase that spreads along 6 Downtown Line MRT stations (Beauty World, Bugis, Chinatown, Little India, Rochor and Newton). All works present diverse styles and stories that incorporate both traditional and non-conventional notions of the photographic medium. The public exhibition at each station explores topics that photography play in the crafting of identity and self, and the changes in the environment and personal space, especially when we try to define new norms during these current times. Together, we question how the photography medium can influence our views of what is happening around us or to leave an ever-lasting impression.

By presenting part of the SIPF Open Call Showcase in various Downtown Line MRT stations, SIPF hopes to bring fresh photography perspectives and appreciation closer to the public.

The photo-works curated SIPF ‘s main festival venue, 37 Emerald Hill, highlight stickier contemporary issues, as well as personal narratives. They reflect upon time and how its evolution may reconfigure the understanding of identity, body, and environment. By presenting diverse styles and stories that incorporate both traditional and non-conventional notions of the photographic medium, the Open Call Showcase aims to explore how photography can influence our views about society, the world and ourselves.

Open Call 2020 Winning Portfolio
A Convenient Sunset | A Convenient Holdup
Miti Ruangkritya (Thailand)

Published Photobook Winner
Poulomi Basu (India)

Dummy Photobook Winner
Beyond the Mountains
Maki Hayashida (Japan)