SIPF Open Call Showcase 2020

05 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

This year’s Open Call theme, Departing and Arriving seeks to connect to the heart of Singapore as a young nation…

Flesh and Bloody Weaknesses

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Flesh and Bloody Weaknesses is the acquirement of infinitesimal seconds and fleeting moments and the containment of time perpetually in…

Margins: drawing pictures of home

21 Nov 2020 — 28 Feb 2021

When does one recount or trace the beginning of a story? At what moment does the questioning or the search…

Combing for Ice and Jade

05 Nov 2020 — 10 Jan 2021

At the end of the 19th century, thanks to the silk trade, numerous women in Southern China became financially independent….

The Amazing ABC of Photography

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

The alphabet is reinvented in this display of critically acclaimed photographers exploring new notions of the age-old teaching tool for…

Hundred Daughters
Hundred Patience
Hundred Meals

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Hundred Daughters Hundred Patience Hundred Meals reconfigures Kevin WY Lee’s 2019 photobook of the same title within a home setting….

It Can Be Better

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

It Can Be Better is a meditation centred around the impact of perfectionistic living habits. It seeks to illustrate how…

The Hotel: Don-Khang

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

The Hotel infers an in-between place of stay during transit. To the artist, it also implies relational, historical and identical…

Dear Japanese (2012 – 2018)

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Dear Japanese is a photo-documentary centred on Miyuki Okuyama’s research into the  descendants of Indo-European women and Japanese men, who…

Memory Blocks (2009—ongoing)

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Since 2009, Bob Lee has been documenting HDB homes in Singapore. These public housing units, sometimes derisively referred to as…

Investigation of Love

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Investigation of Love was a project inspired by the artist’s personal experience in applying for a Dutch residence permit, where…

String Theory – Sewing Space

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

String Theory – Sewing Space presents two existing works from the artist – White Uniform and The Women of Empire…

Anything, but Transparent

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Anything, but Transparent is a tongue-in-cheek title extracted from Massot’s writing on photography, and a reference to the dominant exhibition…


13 Nov 2020 — 17 Jan 2021

SGscenery2020 follows a project conceptualised by the artist for Singapore’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, ‘SG50’, in 2015 titled Scenery. Featuring “crowd-sourced”…

孤岛 (Gu Dao: Lonely Island)

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

In 1955, more than 3000 landlords, wealthy farmers, counterrevolutionaries, right-wing politicians, and intellectuals, were sent to Gu Dao for re-education….

JAKARTA, modest interventions and minor improvisations

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Jakarta is one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in the world with over thirty million people living in…

Drowned and Talcum

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

The photographic series Drowned and Talcum entails Seba Kurtis’ responses to two incidents where refugees lost their lives amidst the…

Loose Relations

05 Nov 2020 — 17 Jan 2021

Loose Relations brings together within a singular presentation the filmic and photographic works of Sherman Ong. The presentation comprises the…


05 Nov 2020 — 17 Jan 2021

Afterlife is the sixth chapter of Vasantha Yogananthan’s long-term project A Myth of Two Souls inspired by the epic tale The Ramayana. Drawing inspiration…


01 Dec 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

The KASSEL DUMMY AWARD is the dummy competition for the best unpublished photobook mock-up of the year organised by the…


20 Nov 2020 — 19 Dec 2020

Every educational institute is a revolving door – the Singapore Management University (SMU) welcomes and sends off more than 1800…

Rediscovering Lost Connections

13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

The Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award. The SIPF and Silvana S Foundation are excited to share that the jury members…


13 Nov 2020 — 30 Jan 2021

Indigenous peoples have been represented in the history of photography as objects of aesthetic or anthropological study, nullifying their individuality…

Singapore Young Photographer Award 2020

14 Nov 2020 — 31 Dec 2020

Presented by City Developments Limited (CDL) since 2005, the Singapore Young Photographer Award (SYPA) is a national award that aims…